How to get there?

Getting to Pajulahti / Nastola, Finland

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By airplane

There’s no traffic jam up in the air.

The closest airport is Helsinki Airport in Helsinki, about 120 km from Nastola.

By ferry

Ferries from multiple directions. Or row yourself. Up to you.

From Estonia: from Tallinn to Helsinki, and by car to Nastola (120 km).

For example Via Baltica (E67) threw Poland and Baltia to Tallinn-Estonia.

From Sweden: from Stockholm to Turku, and by car to Nastola (250 km).

For example from Copenhagen-Denmark via Malmö/Helsingborg (E6/E4) to Stockholm-Sweden.

From Germany: from Travemünde to Helsinki, and by car to Nastola (120 km).

By train

Take a train and relax all the (rail)way!

The closest main railway station is Lahti (Mannerheiminkatu 15, Lahti), about 20 km from Pajulahti.

Some few local trains also stop at Nastola station (Pysäkinkuja 10, Nastola), only about 4,5 km from Pajulahti.

By car

Rent a car and drive there yourself!

Distances from Pajulahti:

  • Helsinki 120 km / 1 h 20 min
  • Tampere 150 km / 1h 45 min
  • Turku 250 km / 2h 45 min
  • Oulu 500 km / 5 h 50 min
  • Rovaniemi 720 km / 8 h 30 min
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