IGP-FH WCH 2020 cancelled

Finland’s government has taken actions to prevent coronavirus, COVID-19, spreading in Finland. On 12th March 2020, Finland’s government decided to restrict the organization of public events in order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. According to the decision, all public events with more than 500 people are cancelled until 31st May 2020.

To follow these orders the Board of the Finnish Kennel Club decided on 12th March 2020 on measures aiming to stop the spreading of coronavirus, COVID-19. All dog shows, trials, and competitions as well as other events organised by the Finnish Kennel Club are cancelled until 31st May 2020. Visits made by care dogs and reading dogs are also cancelled.

These orders given means, that also our event IGP-FH WCH 2020 is cancelled. We will discuss with FCI about opportunity to move our event to another time. If event is given new dates, we will inform you.

At this point we want to thank each, and every person involved on this event; our volunteers and sponsors who have worked almost two years to organize this event. And you team leaders and competitors, you have trained hard for success.

Hopefully things get better globally, and we all get change to meet in IGP-FH WCH event.

Mika Lindberg, manager
e-mail: management@igp-fh2020.fi
mobile: +358 50 5501599

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